Do you have a piece of equipment that you've been wanting to connect to your smartphone or tablet but not sure where to start?  At Innowave we realize that not everybody has the time or ability to create their own app to operate their equipment in the manner desired.  We've simplified and streamlined this process.  With the free apps that Innowave provides you can be up and using your Innowave controller in no time at all.  With numerous different operating screens available to make your Innowave hardware operate your equipment how you need, what may have looked like an expensive, time consuming, and complex project is likely already taken care of for you.

Don't see a screen configuration that meets your systems needs?  Contact us and we can evaluate adding a custom screen into our standard app for your particular application.

Ready to undertake putting together your own app?  Great, we're happy to provide an Innowave hardware platform and the support required for you to create your own custom solution. 

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