The IW004 wireless controller features 6 on/off 12v DC outputs that can be used for a wide variety of applications.  Hydaulic and pneumatic solenoid valves, small electric motors, lights, etc.  Connecting a relay or reversing relay allows the controller to operate higher power AC or DC components in multiple directions, such as an electric winch, large electric motor, or large lighting package.  3 of the IW002 outputs can be configured to be proportional outputs.  With this capability proportional hydraulic valves can be operated to incorporate a wide range of functionalities.  Small or large DC motors can also utilize this type of output to vary speed as well by adding a solid state relay.  Additionally, 2 of the 6 I/O pins can also be utilized as analog or digital inputs.  Potentiometers, transducers, limit switches, etc are all potential inputs that can be monitored.

The IW004 does NOT include a keypad for manual operation functionalities.